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Florida Bengals
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    Updated 1/5/15 


NEWS FLASH!!! Supreme Grand   

Champion Floridabengls Sir

Lancelot has  been awarded

Best Bengal in the Southeast for   

2013 - 2014.

We are expecting some beautiful new

kittens to arrive in February and March. 

Sierra has been bred to RW SCG Yoda

Cajun and Carolina has been bred to

RW SCG Sir Lancelot.    These kittens

will all be brown rosetted kittens.        



All Florida Bengals kittens are

thoroughly examined by our

veterinarian before they leave for

their new homes.  All kittens will

have their first vaccinations, 

Florida Health Certificate,

Microchip, 5  generation pedigree

and registration  with TICA.



We are PROUD to offer some of the

most  beautiful and best tempered

Bengal  kittens anywhere!!!  



Welcome to the Home of the Florida Bengals!!
Welcome to Florida Bengals, home of the "little lap leopards"!  We are located in Jacksonville, Florida on the beautiful St. Johns River. 

We work hard to promote the Bengal breed by breeding for the best qualities in the cats through their looks and their personalities.  We specialize in large rosettes and lots of glitter.  Our beautiful felines look wild and exotic with highly contrasting spots on lighter colored backgrounds.  Their fur feels like a silky pelt, unlike usual cats. 

Because we don't have a lot of cats, we can give all our cats lots of personal attention.  We strongly believe that this helps to promote the loving and affectionate temperament that is so desirable in this special breed.

Besides the benefit of looking like a wild cat, Bengals are very smart, very affectionate, curious and energetic.  They behave more like a dog than a cat in many ways.  Bengals will follow, many of them like to play in the water, they love to play "fetch" and yes they are leash trainable. Bengals love the outdoors.

Bengals are the only cats we raise.  We show our cats in "The International Cat Association (TICA) and the America Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA).  We are also members of The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS).  It is our belief that membership and active participation in these associations helps us stay informed on the breed standards, and allows us the fellowship with other breeders and cat enthusiasts that share our same affection for the Bengal.

Thank you for visiting Florida Bengals!